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Show My Homework & E-Resources

At Eastbury Community School we recognise that effective homework is a key element in raising achievement and developing independent study skills. To support this strong belief we have invested in a number of e-resources to support pupil progress and to allow parents/carers to monitor and support homework and independent study.

Showmyhomework - This is an on-line electronic diary that will allow all pupils to locate and track homework that has been set, along with downloading any additional resources teachers have added to support learning.


o    Pupils – it will allow them to access their homework from both school and home, and will mean never missing a homework deadline again.

o    Teachers – it will allow teachers to add additional resources to support independent study, not only worksheets, but video clips, website addresses and exam papers.

o    Parents/Carers – it will allow parents/carers to access homework that has been set in order to help and support their children with their homework.

o    Environment – it will mean using less paper and ink.

o    How to access Showmyhomework

o    Go to https://www.teamsatchel.com/

Once you are on the homepage you can access the homework that has been by selecting teacher/subject and year group.

GCSEPod - GCSEPod is a unique service, designed to tap into the learning potential of smart phones and handheld devices through a combination of clever technology and award-winning content, to ensure equality of access, high usage and the best possible impact on GCSE results.

GCSEPod KS4 Majority of subjects - https://www.gcsepod.com/

o    Go to: www.gcsepod.com and enter your email address and password

MyMaths - This is an on-line resource that can be used throughout KS3 and KS4. It allows pupils to revise areas that they need to develop, as well as completing tasks set by the teacher.  How to log on to MyMaths:

•  Step 1 – log on to www.mymaths.co.uk

•  Step 2 –Log in is using in the Log in ‘eastbury’ and the password ‘circle’. From here you can then access the resources that are available through the various topic tabs.

NB. All pupils have been given or will receive their own log in and passwords in order to access specific tasks.

Sam Learning - Its very simple to login to Sam Learning. KS2, KS3, KS4 and KS5 Majority of Subjects


Everyone goes to www.samlearning.com and uses the cloud login area in the top right hand corner.

Login Information

You are then asked for the Centre ID, which is IG11EC for Eastbury Community School.

You then have to provide the user ID and password- for pupils this is their date of birth followed by their initials.

So for a pupil born on the 30th November 2009 called John Evans their User ID and Password would be 301109JE (unless changed by the pupil).

Sora App - our new app Sora which will give all staff and students access to an extensive online e-library, please download the app and explore. 


Log on Science: KS4 Science


Pearson Active Learning: KS3 Maths


Seneca Learning: KS4 and KS5 Majority of subjects


PiXL independence: KS4 and KS5 Majority of subjects

PiXL School Number: 304370
Password: Indep41


KS3 Activities that your child can do from home

AI Tool: We use this AI tool all the time - it’s good - now they’re offering it free during the COVID-19 closures.


Year 10 Success-booklet


Audible Stories - https://stories.audible.com/disc

If you would like further clarification with regards to specific subject E-resources login details to contact the relevant Head Of Department which can be found on the link below:

Key Contacts