Futsal World Cup - Update

The boys conducted themselves in a manner fitting for an England squad and were exemplary on and off the court, amazing effort in the lead up to the event- 4 training sessions per week and determination throughout the event.

The tour encompassed 7 games in 7 days, as well as a friendship event, a cultural day and a meeting of the nation’s event- with thanks to Kerry Ward for organising clearly the best interactive exhibit at the event. This was a huge psychological and physical strain for all involved. 

Brazil were the eventual winners of the tournament- to contextualise, their youngest player was 17, older than our oldest, and the squad consisted of 6 players that are already professional players with Corinthians! 

We really could not have asked any more from our squad of 12 boys, you should all be very proud of our boys. 

Please congratulate all:

  • Hussein Ahmed (year 12) Captain
  • Sharif Kinawy Ashour (Year 11) Vice Captain
  • Shaun Kitenge (Year 10)
  • Solomon Asmoah (Year 12)
  • Reece Griffiths (Year 12)
  • Excellence Muhemba (Year 11)
  • Edison Tahiri (Year 11)
  • Daniel Jordon Oluwaseun Akinpelu (Year 10)
  • Luke Middleton (Year 12)
  • Edon Begu (Year 12)
  • Kerem Alparslan (Year 11)
  • Alan Zuqolli (Year 10)