Home-School Partnership Agreement


The staff and governors at Eastbury School share with parents/carers high expectations of all students. We believe students achieve their best when the school, parents/carers and students themselves work together in partnership. This is even more important during these uncertain times, which may include remote learning should there be a local lockdown. We have developed this home-school partnership to support our students to achieve their best at school.  

School’s Commitment 

Eastbury School commits itself to: 

  • provide an environment that has been risk assessed and considered safe for re-opening
  • adhere to the social distancing guidelines as set out by the government, as much as reasonably can.
  • contact you if your child displays symptoms of COVID 19, so they can be taken from school to go and take a COVID 19 test. The results will need to be shared with the school before your child can return.
  • inform you if staff or pupils in your child’s bubbles show symptoms of COVID 19, and help the NHS test and trace system to get in touch with you if they test positive and the rest of the bubble needs to self-isolate
  • enhance our hygiene and cleaning measures, such as hand washing/sanitising and more frequent cleaning schedule.
  • Provide a stationary pack to reduce the need for frequently used items to be shared
  • provide a safe, well-ordered, and caring environment where pupils are free from fear and discrimination
  • ensure that all pupils are given support and guidance, and feel valued as individuals
  • support pupils well being, such as giving them someone to talk to if they feel anxious or overwhelmed
  • reward pupils for their academic, sporting and social achievements
  • deal swiftly with any incidents or concerns relating to our pupils
  • provide different curriculum pathways to meet the needs and aspirations of all our pupils, whilst also being mindful of gaps  in learning as a result of lockdown, and aim to support the loss of learning across the curriculum
  • have clear aims, targets and expectations for all pupils
  • provide opportunities for parents/carers to discuss their child’s learning, and give an annual written report of their child’s progress
  • ensure that all alleged incidents of bullying and acts of discrimination are fully investigated and dealt with according to the agreed policies laid down by the school
  • offer pupils (through the student council) and parents/carers the opportunity to express their views on school issues.
  • keep in touch about developments in school through notices, newsletters, text, email and school website

Parent’s/Carer’s Commitment 

I/We agree to: 

  • monitor if my child or anyone in our household has symptoms of COVID 19 (high temperature, a new continuous cough, loss or change to their sense of smell/taste)
  • if my child or anyone in our household shows symptoms of COVID 19, I will not send them to school and will self isolate for the appropriate amount of time
  • if my child shows symptoms of COVID 19 I will get them tested and, if they test positive, work with the  NHS track and trace system to notify anyone who’s recently been in close contact with them, including the school.
  • if my child shows symptoms of COVID 19 at school, I will collect my child as soon as possible.
  • I will do my best to encourage my child to avoid public transport and will ensure they wear face coverings if they have to use public transport
  • I will ensure that my child adheres to the time slots for school, using the designated entrance and exit ad adhere to social distancing rules set out by the government and the school.
  • I will not enter the school building without a prearranged appointment, and should I enter the school building I will wear a face covering.
  • I will ensure that my child comes to school with a full water bottle everyday
  • I will remind my child about the importance of good hygiene practices, such as : regular hand washing and sanitising, avoiding touching eyes, nose and mouth, the need to cough or sneeze into a tissue, or the crook of their elbow.  Tissues need to be disposed of immediately in a lidded bin.
  • I will support the school’s procedures in ensuring a safe environment.
  • I understand that failure to adhere to the school’s procedures may result in a range of sanctions, which could include exclusion. Safety of staff and pupils is paramount
  • ensure my/our child attends in full school uniform together with a school bag containing the correct equipment for learning
  • encourage high standards of attendance and punctuality, and not take holidays during term time
  • in the case of absence, inform the school immediately, and provide a note explaining the reason for absence upon return
  • maintain close contact with the school regarding any concerns or problems which may affect learning or behaviour
  • regularly discuss learning and progress, and congratulate my child when they receive a reward from school
  • attend all parents’/carers’ evenings for discussions about pupil progress
  • support the school’s behaviour policy, e-safety guidelines, anti-bullying policy and all other school policies
  • establish with my child good study habits, and support with homework and revision, use the range of e-resources provided by the school to support and guide my child, thereby supporting the school’s e-safety policy
  • monitor my/our child/’s appropriate use of the internet and social media
  • make sure I inform the school of any change in my/our contact details (in line with GDPR as outlined on the school’s website 

Pupil’s Commitment 

I commit myself to: 

  • following all of the school’s procedures at all times
  • informing a member of staff immediately if I feel unwell.
  • informing my parents/carers before I come to school if I am feeling unwell
  • washing and sanitising my hands on a regular basis
  • observing social distancing as per school guidelines
  • observing the social distancing exclusion zone in the classroom
  • take pride in my own appearance by wearing full school uniform and bringing to school the correct equipment for learning
  • have a positive attitude towards school, keep to the school rules, follow all of the school guidance on safety and behave in a way which helps everybody to learn
  • full attendance and outstanding punctuality to school and lessons
  • work to the best of my ability in school and at home, respond to teachers’ marking and feedback, and use standard English in all lessons
  • respect everybody within the school and local community, their property, privacy and family life so as not to hurt or offend them or bring the school in to disrepute
  • share responsibility for the school environment by looking after school property, books and materials, and helping our school to remain free from litter
  • tell an adult in school about any concerns, or bullying including cyberbullying becoming involved in other activities outside of lesson times and developing my character.
  • act as an ambassador for the school at all times, not using language or actions that discriminate against any other person or groups of people
  • not bring into school any substance or implement which could cause harm to myself or others.

Complaints Procedure

In the rare event that parents have a concern about any aspect of their child's education and general welfare, communication with the school at the earliest opportunity is encouraged to resolve it. 

Parents are asked to contact the appropriate Year Curriculum Co-ordinator, Assistant Headteacher, Deputy Headteacher, or for more serious concerns, the Head Teacher directly. Governors and Parent-Governors in particular, are also available to parents if they wish to consult them.