Making B&D Green

Eastbury School pupils share ideas to make Barking and Dagenham ‘green capital of London’ at council’s energy firm launch.

Seven-year-olds from Eastbury Primary School in Hulse Avenue, Barking presented their tips which included turning off lights when not in a room, taking shorter showers and switching off computers.

The school has made one green initiative with all children provided with a reusable bottle.

Barking and Dagenham Council leader Darren Rodwell was at the school’s assembly on Monday to listen to the children and launch the local authority’s gas and electricity firm, Beam Energy.

Cllr Rodwell said: “Nobody should pay more than they have to on their fuel bills. For too long prices have been increasing faster than most people can cope with, and we hear horror stories about people going without food and the bare essentials just so they can pay for heating to stay warm.

“I don’t want anyone in our community to be in that position.”

Story courtesy of B&D Post