'Outstanding' for Eastbury 6th Form

Dr Leonard Restall B Ed, M Ed (Hons), New Zealand, formerly from Barking, writes:

Another outstanding result for local education has been accorded to the Eastbury School 6th form by a recent assessment made by Ofsted.

This was based upon the leadership and aspiration of the students which was rated as “outstanding”, an assessment not easily given by education experts.

This schools performance at recent A-level examinations gained a 100 per cent pass, being the best result in the borough. According to the comments made by Ofsted, the result came from dedicated staff, enthusiastic students, supportive parents, governors and the local authority, a recipe for absolute success. It was noted that students had a high expectation resulting from rigorous training (hard work) and outstanding achievements.

Such characteristics and factors attributing towards outstanding success may not be easily gained, but are the results of dedication to the task of learning and teaching under the guidance of the head of the 6th form, Simon Conway and the headteacher David Dickson.

Eastbury School has provided an example of how well local schools are doing, and provide a pattern for others to follow. Success brings success, but will not come without costs and hard work. The results are well worth it.

The development of these success factors exhibited by the 6th form at Eastbury School is a progressive one requiring skill and perseverance by all concerned and is highly commended.

Well done, for your exemplary performance bringing credit to your school and to all the students.

Courtesy of Barking & Dagenham Post