Remote Learning Timetable
Remote Learning Policy Outlines

Dear Parents and Carers,

Please see the below key points, as outlined in our Remote Learning Policy, highlighting our expectations of staff, pupils and parents when live remote learning is taking place:

  • Eastbury Community School uses Microsoft Teams for all virtual lessons and in-house training has been provided for staff on the correct use of Teams.
  • All lessons online are recorded by the teacher using Microsoft Teams. Pupils do not record the lessons and are strictly prohibited from sharing any of the content on social media.
  • Recordings are available to view in the chat column of each lesson and can be shared and watched retrospectively. For teachers to record a live event in Teams, check the 'Recording available to producers and presenters' setting when you schedule your live stream. You can make the recording available for pupils, too, by checking 'Recording available to attendees'. The recording will be available for 180 days after the event ends.
  • Dress code: pupils and staff must be appropriately dressed in daytime clothing.
  • Pupils and staff should sit against a neutral background, ensure nothing inappropriate (objects or information) is in that background and avoid areas with background noise.
  • The teacher must ‘join’ the lesson first.
  • Pupils must join the lesson on time, so that teaching and learning is not disrupted, and will not be admitted if they are late.
  • Teachers should check the ‘participant’ list to keep a record of attendance.
  • Teams is linked to Bromcom, SharePoint and Outlook, and so class groups and pupils can be invited to join the lessons using their school emails.
  • Profile pictures from staff and pupils are encouraged. They must be appropriate, professional and of themselves.
  • Staff should use professional language and ensure pupils do the same.
  • It is rude to talk at the same time as the teacher. All microphones must be on mute and questions are asked, or answered, when the teacher gives permission. When instructed, pupils can unmute and, once they have finished speaking, microphones are placed back on mute.
  • Pupils can disable the video option. If they choose to use the video, sensible and mature conduct is expected.
  • If pupils would prefer to be off camera, we encourage them to show their face once so the teacher knows it is them that has signed in and not someone else on their account. If this is not possible e.g. the web cam/laptop camera is broken, teachers will ask the pupils to log this on the chat as a record.
  • ARP pupils and deaf staff need to be able to read lips and see BSL, and so all deaf ARP pupils are requested to have their videos on throughout each lesson.
  • Pupils must only use the chat feature to make relevant comments and ask questions. They should use correct English when doing so. Files from OneDrive can also be shared to allow marking and feedback to take place.
  • Teachers have the option to disable chat for pupils, if conduct does not meet high expectations. To disable chat for pupils, uncheck the 'Q&A' setting when you schedule your live stream.
  • Teachers will keep the chat column visible to see comments by the pupils. All pupil comments, at all times, must be work related and appropriate to the learning taking place.
  • ECS has disabled the function allowing pupils to control the teacher’s device.
  • Teachers should check that any other tabs they have open in their browser are appropriate for a child to see, if they're sharing their screen.
  • Teachers will remove pupils, or ask them to remove themselves, from the lesson if appropriate behaviour and etiquette is not adhered to. They may not be invited back to that lesson or teachers can use their discretion to ‘exit’ pupils for a period of time. Parents will be notified by the teacher leading the lesson.
  • Safeguarding and behaviour concerns will be logged and reported by teachers on Safeguard and Bromcom.
  • Pupils should complete work to the deadline set by teachers.
  • The teacher must ensure all pupils have left the lesson before closing it, to avoid pupils using this forum to chat privately once the teacher has left the lesson and recording has stopped.

We look forward to your child participating in these online Microsoft Teams lessons with their subject teachers and doing all we can to support their learning during this challenging time.

Thank you, in advance, for supporting this guidance and doing your utmost to ensure your child engages maturely, respectfully and positively.

Yours Sincerely,

Mr J Goy

Deputy Headteacher

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