Home Based Learning

At Eastbury Community School we are continuing our drive to encourage more children to read for pleasure.  Research shows a positive link between reading frequency and enjoyment and educational attainment.  Furthermore, reading for pleasure has positive emotional and social benefits, improves text comprehension and grammar skills and increases general knowledge.  We have many initiatives that will be taking place in school over this academic year to encourage reading for pleasure.

Virtual Lessons

Virtual Educational Visits this Term 

Here’s an exciting opportunity to take your children on an educational visit from the comfort of your home.

PSHE Home Learning Activities

Fun Fitness at Home

Eastbury Arts
Music Resources
Maths Resources

Abacus Maths Resources - Abacus have allowed free access to their textbooks and workbooks. 

Feel free to use these with your children as an additional resource.


The Boy at the Back of the Class


Catch up on the daily reading of 'The Boy at the Back of the Class' read by Mr Connolly.

Available here are lots of activities to be done alongside the reading.


Activities to do at home