U16 Southern Regional Finals

For the THIRD CONSECUTIVE YEAR our u16 futsal team have won the Southern Regional finals! This means that having been crowed Essex Champions a few weeks ago, they now are the top ranked school in the south of the country (AGAIN) and will go on to compete at the National Championships in Birmingham at the end of June. You will be familiar with the previous results here and what happened when we were national champions on both previous occasions

However, regardless of the outcome when we get there, I am sure you will agree that to be maintaining our level in futsal and still dominating the sport on a national and regional level for this amount of time and with three separate cohorts of students is phenomenal. It shows that the hard work put in by the students before and after school (which goes largely unnoticed as the students just get on with it) really is paying off-still.

Similarly it is another example of where a partnership with outside organisations has flourished, and in a time when we are losing facilities (in PE) and budgets are being cut in schools, this is a model we need to continue to explore. A special mention must go to Trevor Tamatave who is still relentlessly working with our students, again giving up his mornings and weekends to coach them. He also has brought on several of the current cohort to train with the Genesis Mens team, further strengthening our partnership and giving the boys a route on to mens futsal.

The boys won every game at the tournament at Brunel University on Saturday, scoring 13 goals and conceding only 2! I will update in due course with information about the National Finals in Birmingham, in the mean time please congratulate the following:

  • Nehal Butt
  • Nathan Kitenge
  • Alan Zuquoli
  • Miguel Conceicao
  • Gersi Lika
  • Martins Idahosa
  • Fahmi Masoud
  • Jerold Coblah
  • Sameer Punn
  • GokhanTiryaki
  • Mikel Mucca