Work Experience

The KS4 Work Experience placement for our new Year 10’s will be from Monday 1/06/20 to Friday 12/06/20.

Whilst this date may seem a long way away there is a lot to do to ensure your son/daughter has a successful work experience!  As you can imagine, this requires a great deal of organisation and form filling so we must start now!

As a starting point, the attached white data consent form must be completed and returned to me immediately.

The other attached form, the ‘Own placement’ form, and 'Own placement' letter should be completed partly by the student and partly by the Company but only if your son/daughter is able to organise their own placement. Please note, we really recommend they try to do this as we have found in the past it is much more likely to lead to a successful and beneficial experience. They could, for example;

  • Ask friends or family if they could work with them for two weeks
  • There might be a ‘profession’ they are interested in investigating such as architecture or surveying, accountancy or law. They have time to contact these kind of companies (for contact details try or maybe send out a CV to try to get taken on. For more details on one way of developing a CV go to the school homepage. 
  • You might be interested in going back to your old primary school or try a different school as this is more of a challenge!
  • You might try some local shops but don’t go in groups as no one will take 3 or 4 students in the same weeks! However, local shops can sometimes be too much in your comfort zone so to increase the challenge, think about Westfield or Lakeside, or better still, the West End.

Those students not able to organise their own placement will be asked to complete an online application through ‘Trident’. However, we cannot guarantee that you will get one of your top choices which is why we recommend organising your own placement!

Work experience should be an interesting and exciting time. Any work experience placement gives your son or daughter the opportunity to show their employability skills, qualities and positive attitudes are developing and maturing and they are becoming ready for the world of work and employment. They have the opportunity to gain real evidence of their improvements in aspects including teamwork, leadership, communication, following instructions, using initiative, wanting to succeed, respecting others, attendance and punctuality, problem solving and decision making. This evidence can be noted on their CV and will help with any further school, college, voluntary work or part time work applications.

Please actively support them through this process and ensure they stick to the deadlines and make the most of their opportunities! If you have any queries about this process please do not hesitate to contact me.

S Gander - Work Experience Co-ordinator