Year 7 Football v Barking Abbey

Please congratulate the below on their first game for Eastbury. We beat Barking Abbey 5-4 in extra time in round 1 of the borough cup (24th September 2015).

The performance was great and it was a brilliant attitude shown by all. They were all perfect role models for our school.

The highlighted have been selected to represent Eastbury at the borough trials tomorrow night (25th September) so a special congratulations to them.

Our next game is on Monday (28th September) straight after school in the national cup on the field, your support is welcome and appreciated.

  • Nataanman Nurokina
  • Michael Gasparri
  • Solace Esan
  • Brandon Tshela (1 Goal)
  • Sermon Mavusi Matu
  • Ben Akinnifesi
  • Renaldo Hurtault
  • Kion Carter-Adams
  • Joshua Green (4 goals and MOM)
  • Gerson Massala
  • Jedidiah Nzayadio
  • Joel David