Y9 Essex Futsal - Eastbury 3rd

From start to finish the boys represented the school in their usual impeccable fashion both on and off the court.

Before and after matches the boys held themselves with dignity and sportsmanship, ensuring they thanked match officials and organisers at every opportunity.

During the tournament the usual high standards continued, with convincing victories in the group stages against: Rokeby, Ilford County, Brampton Mannor, Redden Court (2-0, 3-1, 2-1, 2-1) to be top of the table.

They faced tough opposition in the semi finals: Sydney Russell who managed to hold Eastbury to a 0-0 result at full time.  The boys played fantastically well and were unlucky not to win following a counter attacking goal from Sydney Russell.

The boys picked themselves up to win convincingly in the 3rd place play-off: 4-0 against Brampton Mannor.

Amongst the scandal that surrounds the 'academy player' rule which plagued both the finalists, the boys deserved to finish on a positive note. Regardless of if there is any update to follow regarding the fielding of ineligible players, Eastbury were superb from start to finish and have demonstrated how far they have come as a squad. Congratulations to all involved...

  • Nehal Butt
  • Gersi Lika (2 goals)
  • Nathan Kitenge (1 goal)
  • Jon Zuqoli
  • Kieron Owusu (3 goals)
  • Lateef adeyeli (1goal)
  • Gracia Muhemba (1 goal)
  • Sameer Pun (1 goal + mvp)
  • Mikel Muca (2 goals)
  • Christy nsilu (2 Goals)