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Pupil Premium

Eastbury is Closing the Achievement Gap

We are delighted to report that we have reduced The Achievement Gap* for our year 11 students in receipt of the Pupil Premium in 2012/13. At Eastbury, 56% of the year 11 cohort in 2012/13 received Pupil Premium. The targeted spending of our additional funding is having a demonstrable impact on student achievement in all year groups.
Closing the Achievement Gap and ensuring that all students make progress is a key aspect of the school’s development plan
Students in receipt of the Pupil Premium at Eastbury achieved 58 % 5 A*-C GCSEs (including English and Maths) which is 17 % points above the National Average of FSM 41% in 2013.
The National Achievement Gap was 26.9% in 2013 (the borough average was 18.2%) and at Eastbury it has held steady at 10% (10% in 2012, from 21% in 2011). We are striving to ensure the Achievement Gap is 0%.
The basis of allocating pupil premium changed to Free School Meals Ever (for example, based on whether a pupil has received FSM at any time over the last six years). Students in Year 11 (2012/13) will only have been funded in this way since April 2012, which provided additional intervention for one calendar year. The vast majority of our interventions took place with students who were in receipt of free school meals during the years 2011/13. The numbers in this document reflect this.
All department and pastoral leaders have responsibility and accountability for the use of the pupil premium in their area of responsibility.
(* The Achievement Gap is the difference in performance between children from low-income families (Free School Meal / FSM) and children in care (Looked After Children / LAC compared to that of their peers in public examinations (GCSEs). Nationally, FSM / LAC children are not performing as well as their peers in GCSEs.
At Eastbury we are committed to ensure all students, regardless of family background, achieve to the highest standards. Our mission ‘Getting the best from and for all our learners’ is fast becoming a reality).
Student Attainment Overall % 5 A*-C (including English and Maths) = 63% (-4% of 2012 but with a cohort of 290 students, 5% point improvement on 58% in 2011, 20% point improvement on 43% in 2010) (3% above National average, 60%, 2013).
Non FSM/LAC % 5 A*-C (including English and Maths) = 68% (Reduction from 2012 but large cohort with additional students placed in alternative provision, 4% point improvement on 64% in 2011, 29% point improvement on 49% in 2010) (in line with National average, 67.9%, 2013).
FSM/LAC % 5 A*-C (including English and Maths) = 58% (Reduction from 2012 but large cohort with additional students placed in alternative provision, 5% point improvement on 53% in 2011,) (17% above National average, 41%, 2013).
Eastbury Achievement Gap 10% (Gap remains at 10% as 2012 following a drop from 21% in 2011) (17% below National in 2013)
Student Progress 2013
Overall 3 Levels of progress English 87%
Overall 3 Levels of progress Maths 64%
Pupil Premium - FSM / LAC 3 Levels of progress English 83% More than expected progress 46%
Pupil Premium - FSM / LAC 3 Levels of progress Maths 60%
More than expected progress 33%
Non-FSM / LAC 3 Levels of progress English 94%
Non- FSM / LAC 3 Levels of progress Maths 69%
The impact is very encouraging; the achievement of our FSM / LAC students is accelerating and catching up with that of their peers. The Achievement Gap is closing.
Plan for 2013/2014 and beyond
The Government allocated a specific pupil premium grant to every school beginning in 2012/2013 (this will increase in future years). The grant is distributed @£900 per free school meal (FSM) and Looked After Child (LAC) student. We have implemented a research-based approach utilizing evidence both from the Sutton Trust and from encouraging all staff to network and bring ideas and experiences from colleagues in the borough and across the capital. This year we have also taken a more individualized approach when evaluating the suitability of options choices for our FSM/LAC students as well as students from other underachieving groups. Following the success of the Literacy intervention programme we will continue this work and extend it into numeracy, at the same time we are moving to reskill and support TAs and mentors to maximize their impact.

Pupil Premium Report September 2012

Appendix 1 - Spreadsheet Pupil Premium 2011-2012

Appendix 2 - Spreadsheet Pupil Premium 2012-2013

Appendix 3 - Spreadsheet Pupil Premium 2013-2014



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