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Eastbury Community School

Art, Craft & Design

Art, Craft & Design Curriculum Intent

The following will provide a summary of the programme of study for Art, Craft & Design and photography. Each mini project at key stage 3 will be linked to the knowledge, and key concepts and processes as identified within the National Curriculum, as well as the Fundamental British Values, the protected characteristics, BLM and the Eastbury community School values.

The Importance of Art, Craft & Design

Before a child talks they sing. As soon as they stand they dance. Before they write they draw. Art is fundamental to human expression.

A range of diverse interactions with a huge variety of art, craft and design will open the student’s eyes to the highly visual world we are surrounded by. Reading & interpreting imagery; having personal emotional reactions to art, craft and design; developing creative problem solving skills and the pure joy of making using their hands using a wide range of materials & techniques; are all part of a child’s experience and learning through a visual and tactile means.

Learning in Art, Craft & Design enables students to realise that everything they encounter has been designed by someone, whose ideas began with a pencil and paper. Seeing the differences between art, craft & design is paramount to their understanding of the subject. Art is creating for personal enjoyment & wellbeing, craft is making using traditional making techniques and design is created to fulfil a purpose in any form. All of these are still in high demand today resulting in the creative industry being the second largest in the UK.

Curriculum Aims

Learning in Art, Craft & Design contributes to achievement of the curriculum aims for all young people to become:

  • Students understanding the visual world; by knowing and understanding the origins of art styles and being able to interpret these independently to develop knowledge. Through this starting point they are able to be curious in their approach to their own making with justifiable reasoning.
  • Students to be able to appreciate the importance of self-expression and are kind when participating in critique and can consider the differences within the art, craft and design world.
  • Students understanding the importance of art, craft and design within our history and how the world and its events has shaped the creative processes for many years.
  • Students learning about their future and their place in the world; by knowing how the skills learned within art, craft and design has shaped the world they live in, the resources they have and the things they see as beautiful, meaningful and practical. As a result they develop a passion for observing, creating, recording, experiencing and developing their imagination through a range of personal responses.

Students will be encouraged to follow their dreams and pursue a huge range of creative career opportunities.

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