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Eastbury Community School

Healthy Schools

Eastbury Community Schools and the Healthy Schools Award

Eastbury Community Schools commitment to our students health and well-being has been recognised through the Healthy Schools London programme having achieved the bronze, silver and gold award.

Taking part in the Healthy Schools London (HSL) programme, and working successfully through the tiered awards, has meant that the ECS school community has explicitly focused on work to improve the health and wellbeing of our pupils and staff since 2015

To achieve and maintain Healthy Schools London status ( Bronze award)  schools have to provide evidence of promoting health and well-being through the following seven categories

  1. Leadership, management and managing change
  2. Policy development
  3. Learning and teaching, curriculum planning and resourcing
  4. School ethos, culture, environment and SMSC development
  5. Provision of support services for children and young people
  6. Staff continuing professional development (CPD), health and wellbeing
  7. Partnerships with parents/carers, local communities, external agencies and volunteers to support pupil health and wellbeing

ECS renewed Healthy Schools London status in 2021 which will be retained until November 2024. The opportunities that ECS provides to develop student voice and leadership was specifically commended in our latest award.

ECS focused work on the following areas has led to us being awarded the HSL silver and gold awards.

Promoting healthy eating – Primary Phase

Relationships Education – Secondary Phase

Celebrating Diversity  - Secondary Phase