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Eastbury Community School

Eco Council Community Litter Pick

ECS Litter Pick - July 2023

On Monday, July 10th, the Eco Council successfully organized its first Community litter pick. Ms. Knight extends a heartfelt thank you to all the students who participated in this project. It was a tremendous success, resulting in the collection of over 14 black bags of rubbish. Special appreciation goes to Mr. Cain, Mr. Goy, and Mr. Read for joining the squad and working diligently. Additionally, a big thank you goes to our VIP guests, Jasmina and Laura, for their presence and for capturing pictures of the event. We received gratitude from several of our neighbours as well. The predominant type of litter collected was cigarette butts. The students enjoyed their work so much that we are planning to repeat this activity three times a year, during the last week of every term.

The Eco Council meets every two weeks during break time to discuss and plan future projects aimed at raising awareness and making a positive impact on our school through eco-initiatives. We are eagerly anticipating next year, as it marks Jane Goodall's 90th birthday. In celebration of this milestone, the council is organising various competitions and events. Given the Eco Council's longstanding collaboration with Jane Goodall Roots and Shoots, they greatly admire Jane and all that she represents.