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Erika Pasakinskaite ‘Full Ride’ to UCONN

Erika Pasakinskaite Full Ride to UCONN

Erika recently received the offer from University of Connecticut for a Fully funded ‘full ride scholarship’. This will mean that Erika has a fully funded 4 year Sports Psychology degree as well as full financial support with all aspects of University life.

The prestigious offer is only allocated to one student every 4 years. The offer has come as a result of her continued outstanding swimming performances at National and international level which have impressed the American university.

The Full Ride scholarship will see Erika travel back to USA to live, study and train in the amazing UCONN facilities and compete for the university- don’t worry, she will retain her GB athlete status meaning that she can continue to represent Team GB (hopefully at the Olympics where she has promised the whole PE Dept front row tickets!)

Speaking of promises, she has also pledged to keep her Barking accent, although there are doubts about her being able to deliver on this promise with her already speaking with an East coast twang having visited several Universities as part of her selection process. Various institutions have offered Erika similar deals, but the vigour that UCONN have shown has persuaded her to sign for the Huskies. 

We are all immensely proud of what she has achieved and it’s a fantastic reminder that everyone can achieve, if you remain humble, work hard and stay committed to you goals.

Congratulations to Erika, we wish her all the best in the future!