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Eastbury Community School

iLead Students Visit Global Radio UK - July 2023

Global Radio Visit - July 2023

Interview with Remel London - Capital Xtra

In an effort to broaden horizons and inspire future careers, students from Eastbury Community embarked on an exciting educational trip to Global Radio UK, one of the country's leading media and broadcasting companies. The visit, which took place on Tuesday, July 4, 2023, and was hosted by Remel London, a Capital Xtra Radio DJ. The tour provided an incredible opportunity for the young iLeaders to immerse themselves in the dynamic world of radio broadcasting.

The group of eager students and staff, arrived at Global Radio UK's headquarters at midday, brimming with anticipation and curiosity. As they stepped into the bustling atmosphere of the media hub, they were welcomed by a team of enthusiastic professionals ready to showcase the inner workings of radio production.

The students were taken on a guided tour of the state-of-the-art facilities. They were given exclusive access to the various departments involved in the radio production process, including the newsroom, studios, and editing suites. Excitement filled the air as they witnessed firsthand the behind-the-scenes process that brings radio shows to life.

The students were particularly thrilled to give a shout-out on live radio with DJ Manny Norte, and access to Heart Radio with Zoe Hardman, which was completely unexpected!

The students returned to school, armed with newfound knowledge, inspiration, and a deep appreciation for the power of radio.