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Eastbury Community School

Eco Squad

Welcome to Eco Squad

Eastbury Community School believes in the importance of helping the environment and that is why we are working towards becoming an Eco-School. Our Eco Squad is responsible for ensuring we are doing just that. We want to make everybody in school aware of how they can make a difference to this world.  We believe that it is not just the Government’s responsibility to change the world; it is ordinary people and the choices we make in our everyday lives which can make a real difference.

There is an Eco Squad member in each classroom from Reception to Year 6. We have regular meetings where we discuss what can be done in our school and local community to help the environment. To achieve a Green Flag and become an Eco-School we must choose and develop our school in 3 of the following topics; Biodiversity, Energy, Litter, Waste, Transport, Water, School Grounds, Healthy Living and Global Citizenship. What is discussed in our meetings is then shared back to each member’s individual classes so that every child, their parents and staff members can be a part of making our school an Eco-School. The Eco squad also has a display board in the hall that shares all our successes as well as regularly submitting articles into the newsletter.

 All our hard work has meant we received our Eco Green Flag award for the 2021/2022 academic year!