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Eastbury Community School

Student Council

Student voice is an important aspect of our school as we aim to ensure children continue to have a say about their education and future. We have student council representatives from Year 1 to Year 6 who have an important role in representing the views and concerns of their peers. The council members meet throughout the term to discuss their new ideas,  share their concerns and support the senior leadership team in improving the school. 

We see the student council as an excellent opportunity for personal development specifically in the areas of leadership, public speaking and working with the local community. This is why our Student Council has a Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary and Newsletter Editing team. 

Our student council members have a unique role within the school. They support the leadership team with the appointments of staff members, they engage in community projects and they represent the school in wider community discussions including a visit to parliament at the end of the year.


School Council 2023-2024 


Our 2023-2024 Student Council are .....


Year 1


Year 2

Year 3


Year 4


Year 5


Year 6

We have lots of exciting plans for this year. Please take a look below at our first project! 

Class Council

Each week our school councillors hold a Class Council with their class to talk about what has been discussed at School Council Meetings, discuss Rights Respecting, update on projects and to ask the children if they have anything they wish to be taken to School Council.

Social Enterprise Scheme - Introduction

One of our main projects for this year is to work with the Social Enterprise Scheme on creating an opportunity to become social entrepreneurs. We will be working on a way to generate income through tackling either an environmental or social issue that our community is facing. 

We started with a workshop where we looked at the sorts of issues facing our local and global community. 





We then followed this up with a further workshop where we looked at how we might market and sell our idea to other people in our community. We even held a 'Dragon's Den' where we tried to sell our product to others - there are definitely some budding entrepreneurs amongst us!



Our next step is to make a final decision on what we would like to do and decide how we can involve the community. 

Social Enterprise Scheme - The big decision

We have decided to focus on one of the key issues that arose from our whole school vote that took place in UK Parliament week, which was 'Litter and Recycling'.

As a group we had further discussions about what we recycle and what we feel has an impact on our local environment. We thought that plastic waste is an issue so with that in mind we decided to use some of the plastic that is hard to recycle and create recycling projects of our own using plastic bottle lids. 

We then launched this with our classes and we have now started a whole school initiative collecting plastic bottle lids. 

Look at what an amazing start Exeter class have had!

Visit to the Mayor of Barking & Dagenham

This week the winners of our 'Parliament Week' competition had the honour of meeting the Mayor of Barking & Dagenham at Barking Town Hall. 

Along with some members of the School Council, they learnt about her role, how she was selected and what she enjoys most about her job. The children were able to ask her questions in the Council Chambers. They also got to meet local Councillor Haroon who talked about local issues and was more than happy to accept some posters and letters that the children of ECS had made to highlight local issues such as road safety and recycling. 





Social Enterprise Scheme - Dragon's Den

Fantastic news! WINNERS!     
Remember all those plastic bottle lids we collected last term for our school Social Enterprise project, well .... 
Our wonderful Social Enterprise team took part in a 'Dragon's Den' competition on Tuesday 30th April, at Barking Learning Centre, against seven other schools from across the borough. They had to pitch their 'Bottle Lid Recycling' idea to a panel of ‘Dragon’s’ who then asked them questions - it was quite nerve wracking!  

The group all presented brilliantly; they spoke loudly, clearly and were not fazed by any questions they were asked. What an outstanding group! 

It was very hard to call who would win a prize as the standard of entries was very high. This made it even more special when we were awarded the prize of 'Most Creative Pitch'. Well done team!! 
Once again, congratulations to all the team – very well-deserved winners! 
Go ECS! 


School Council 2022-2023

 Our 2022 - 2023 Student Council team!  



This term, we were fortunate to have the Black Curriculum come in and deliver a workshop on colonialism. The children were impressive in how they articulated their thoughts and opinions on this historical matter. The children's views and questions were collated and put together by a live artist.

Have a look at the final version below.

Final version of the session put together by a live artist

 Community service - Food donations

Last term, we asked for children, families and friends of Eastbury to donate food in our bid to support the Barking Food Bank. Thanks to the giving nature of our communities, we were able to deliver this food to the food bank who were more than grateful. 

Parliament Week - Get into voting

This week we looked at the importance of democracy and why it's important for people to exercise their rights to vote. We used this as an opportunity to appoint our Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary & Editor who did exceptionally well to deliver a speech for why they were the best candidates for the role.