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Eastbury Community School

Religious Education


The Religious Education Department is a team of dedicated and enthusiastic teachers, ensuring that all learners are inspired to ask questions as well as answer questions through critical analysis. Students regularly take part in class debates and thought provoking discussion and are able o reflect on the influence of religion and culture on individuals, families and communities. The study of Religious Education allows students to learn from different beliefs, values and traditions, while exploring their own understanding of global and current affairs. Lessons are designed to allow students to challenge and reflect on key worldly issues and to develop ideas about community cohesion by promoting mutual respect and tolerance.

At Key Stage 3, all students take on Religious Education through a thematic approach. Key topic areas include ‘Global Crime’, ‘Religion and the Media’ and ‘Moral Issues’.

At Key Stage 4, all students study and take GCSE Religious Education, focusing on Christianity and Islam. They study religious beliefs and practices and apply the teachings to themes on relationships and families, crime and punishment and human rights and social justice.

Religious Education Curriculum Information