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Eastbury Community School

Religious Studies


The Religious Education Department is a team of dedicated and enthusiastic teachers, ensuring that all learners are inspired to ask questions as well as answer questions through critical analysis. Students regularly take part in class debates and thought provoking discussion and are able o reflect on the influence of religion and culture on individuals, families and communities. The study of Religious Education allows students to learn from different beliefs, values and traditions, while exploring their own understanding of global and current affairs. Lessons are designed to allow students to challenge and reflect on key worldly issues and to develop ideas about community cohesion by promoting mutual respect and tolerance.

At Key Stage 5, A-Level Religious Studies has been a strong subject with students who are passionate about critical discussion and analysis. Students have led the way with their debating and evaluating skills, and have been involved in the Youth Conference in East London whereby they got to discuss and highlight key global issues with other sixth form colleges in London

Religious Education has been successful outside of the classroom too, with a strong established Model UN Debating Committee leading the way for extra-curricular activities in the school. This has led to many conference trips with student delegates debating against other national and international schools on global issues such as cyber-security, climate change and child soldiers.

Religious Studies Curriculum