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Eastbury Community School

Year 2 - Bristol

 Hello everyone and welcome to our class page!

Meet The Teachers

Bristol Class is an exciting place to learn! 

In our class, we have thirty brilliant, enthusiastic, talented and hardworking children, who are supported in their learning by an outstanding Year 2 team and very supportive parents. 

Our class values of willingness, ambition, resilience, respect, enthusiasm and never giving up, permeate the life of our school, with staff, pupils and parents working and learning together, sharing a common aim for all our children to be the best that they can be in our journey of building tomorrow, today. 

I hope our class page gives you a flavour of life in Bristol Class! 

With best wishes, 

Ms Zhorna, Ms Knight and Mrs Patel

Welcome Meeting


Spring Meeting

y2 spring meeting.pdf

Click on the terms below to see Bristol's Amazing Learning Journey! :)

Autumn 1

Week 1 

The children settled into class really well and have helped create their own class charter. They have written all about their dreams for the years which are displayed around our rules. We are looking forward to learning lots of new things in the year!

Week 2


Bristol Class have been having a great time exploring art . They have come up with some amazing facts about our artist Georgia O'Keefe and have enjoyed creating some of her paintings. These pictures show us learning how to make light and dark colours without using black.


Week 3

During PE the children explored that different areas and played group games. The children have loved playing spatial awareness games on a Wednesday and having gymnastics on a Friday where we are learning to roll!


Week 4


The Children have been learning all about different parables. They loved getting to role play the rich fool as a class and enjoyed giving the performance. It has been great to see them exploring all the different texts.


Week 5



The children have been really enjoying learning to play the Toot. We have been working on different songs on a Friday afternoon. They love their rap warm up song and then focus on how to play the instrument carefully.


Bristol Class have had an amazing half term and made lots of great progress in all subjects. Keep up the hard work!


Week 6

Week 7


Bristol Class loved their trip to the Tate Museum. They had lots of fun discussing the different pieces of art and talking about the colours. They had particular favourites in the museum which were the statue of radios and the gemstones hanging down. 

Autumn 2

Week 7 and 8

Wow! What An extremely busy week we had! We had our Class Christmas party, Our Christmas concert and for the first time ever we had an 'Eastbury Panto' starring our teachers. Of course, in between all this we had lots of lovely planned lessons. 

Week 6

Year 2 had a fantastic trip to the Broadway Theatre to watch Dick Whittington in Panto. We had lots of fun! A huge thank you to our parent helpers that day.


Week 5

In English we have been writing newpaper reports. The children had great fun in becoming news reporters and reporting on their very own article. 


In RE, we have been looking at different religions and their Holy Books. We have been looking at different stories from different religions and considering- Can stories change people?

We learnt about the Story- The Milk and the Jasmine Flower from the Guru Granth Sahib and made our very own milk bowl and jasmine petals.

Week 4

We celebrated World Children's Day on Monday 20th November by allowing the children to take over the classroom and become teachers for the afternoon. They took parts of lessons, they took the register and even did some marking. The children had great fun learning about the rights of children and drew the rights all over the playground in chalk.


The children are learning how to control a ball when working with a partner. They have practiced dribbling and throwing the balls.


Week 3

Anti Bullying Week:

We had children from the secondary come over and do an Anti- Bullying assemblies for the Year 1 and Year 2 cohorts. 


Week 2

Remembrance Day - WOW Moment 

We created our own poppies at home. Here is Zainab’s poppy !! 

Parliament Week 

We created posters to remind everyone to keep London clean and tidy



During our DT lesson the children got to sample some different pizza toppings and then vote for which pizza topping was there favourite. They loved trying different food and were very encouraging to each other. The vote was clear that cheese was the most popular and peppers were the least popular in our class.


Week 1 

 Bristol Class enjoyed their hook lesson on their new humanities lesson where we got to make our own crowns after learning about the importance of crowns and what they represent.

Spring 1 

Week 6

Bristol Class have been learning to sing the song, 'Hands, Feet, Heart. They thought of actions to go with the words and performed beautifully.



Week 5

During Science this week Bristol class were investigating the different strengths of types of paper.

They investigated how many weights tissue paper, newspaper and cardboard could hold and were surprised by some of the results. They made sure it was a fair test and has a great time experimenting.

Week 4


Our indoor PE topic this term is 'Games of Understanding'. We have been playing a game called 'Galaxy Attackers' which requires the skills; speed, coordination and being able to follow specific rules and instructions.


Following on from our Art lesson last week, we created our own seascapes using the techniques from our previous lesson on using watercolours to make darker and lighter tones.


Week 3


In Music we have been developing our skills on our toots and we are beginning to rehearse longer songs using the notes we have learnt. We are exploring the work and life of our 'Musician/s of the Term' - The Beatles.


Our Artist this term is William Turner. We have been looking at the works and life of William Turner speaking about what we like about his paintings and how they make us feel, thinking about the colours used and how they are used. We have practiced techniques that he used in his artwork. This includes shading to make darker and lighter tones and why they are used. We also looked at mixing watercolours making lighter and darker tones of a colour. 


Week 1 and 2

Bristol Class started their topic. They completed a group poster drawing and discussing the local environment. They were able to name different buildings that they see in on the way to school. The class loved seeing google maps and investigated what was around.


In talk for writing we started our work on non chronological reports. We wrote a report all about the Arctic and had a go at writing our own reports.

Spring 2

Week 1


Bristol Class LOVE to sing and dance. During music lessons they learnt the song 'I Wanna Play In A Band'. They improvised the song with their own ideas and did a brilliant job performing!




We had an amazing workshop come in to complete a Fire of London Workshop with us. We learnt so many interesting facts and participated in lots of different activities.


During English we went on a hunt after we saw some paw prints in the corridor. It led us to the Forest School where we found a letter from the Last Wolf!

Week 2

Bristol class had an amazing World Book Day. We dressed up as our favourite story characters, had a special assembly and did lot of different activities such as making a bookmark and writing our own book.

Week 3

Week 4

Week 5

Year 2 Trip to St Paul’s Cathedral

This half term Year 2 have been learning all about The Great Fire of London and what an incredible trip we had recently! Year 2 embarked on a breath-taking adventure to visit the magnificent St Paul’s Cathedral. The day was filled with excitement, wonder, and great behaviour.

The tour was simply amazing! We explored every nook and cranny of the stunning cathedral, learning about its rich history and architectural marvels. We even had the opportunity to climb up to the very top of the building, where we were rewarded with panoramic views of the cathedral below. It was an experience none of our students will ever forget.

But what made this trip truly special was the exemplary behaviour displayed by our pupils. Their conduct was nothing short of exceptional. They listened attentively to our guide, asked intelligent questions, and showed respect towards the cathedral and its surroundings. It was wonderful to witness how well-behaved and courteous our students were throughout the entire excursion.

We would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to all the children for their outstanding behaviour and our amazing parent volunteers. They not only represented our school admirably, but they also made the trip enjoyable and memorable for everyone involved. Well done!


Summer 1

Summer 2

Curriculum Overview

year 2 curriculum overview.pdf

 Knowledge Organisers

Summer 1 Knowledge Organisers

year 2 summer 1 knowledge organisers.pdf

 Spring 2 Knowledge Organisers

year 2 spring 2 knowledge organisers.pdf

 Spring 1  Knowledge Organisers

ko spring term 1 year 2 1 .pdf

Autumn Term 2 Knowledge Organisers 

knowldeg organisors autumn term 2.pdf