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Eastbury Community School

Year 3 - Glasgow

Welcome to Glasgow class! I am Mrs Khalique and I am one of your teachers. I will be in school on Mondays and Tuesdays and I am so excited about the year ahead! Some of the things I love to do include reading, cooking and being in nature. 

Autumn 1

week 1 

We had a very successful and exciting transition into Year 3. Have a look at some of the portraits that we created! 


We also visited the school library! 


week 2

In PE we are focussing on 'excellent gymnastics' (control and extension) with Mrs Khalique.


With Coach Josh, we are learning to play netball. 


For Music we are learning to 'read' Music and play the P Buzz!  



week 3


For maths this week, we have been learning about place value; hundreds, tens and ones. We will be building on this next week as we learn about how to use the column method to add three digit numbers.


week 4

Our big question this year in RE is How are symbols and sayings important in religion?  We listened to the parable of the Pharisee and the tax collector and learned that it taught people about humility. We used this parable to create our own role play and performed to the class.


In PSHE we are learning about relationships and the significance of friendships. 


Week 5



This term we are learning about rocks.  This week our super science squad  were searching different rocks around our school and carefully observed them to classify them as metamorphic, sedimentary or igneous rocks.

Week 6

The children have been doing so well learning how to play the P Buzz- they have mastered their first song.



In English, we have started learning a new text; Kitty's naughty day which the children have really been enjoying learning! Look at us go! 



During our KS2 assembly, we celebrated the start of Black History Month by focusing on the popular Black British author- Malorie Blackman.  We have read Many of her books such as Pig Heart Boy, Operation Gadgetman and Ellie and the Cat.

Week 7

To end the unit on excellent gymnastics, the children created sequences using symmetrical and asymmetrical balances, remembering to demonstrate control and extension. Here are some examples!







In Maths this week we have been learning to subtract from three digit numbers with renaming tens and hundreds. Please ask the children to show you the methods that we have been learning in school.       


During story time, we read a book called Hair Like Mine by Latashia M. Perry.  This is a lovely rhyming book which celebrates diversity and what makes us unique and special.  We really enjoyed listening to it and talked about our own identities and what we thought about the book.       "I like this book because the girl's daddy helps her make different hairstyles and I like her hair."                             

 Autumn 2

Week 1


The children have started adapting the 'Kitty's naughty day' story to write their own! We will be publishing them next week. Have a listen to some great examples!






Week 2

 UK Parliment week!  



To observe UK Parliment week we discussed which of the two local area 'problems' we want to raise with our local council:

1. Litter on our streets

2. Road safety

We had a democratic vote for each student and member of staff. The children marked their vote on their ballot paper and went to the polling station to cast their vote. 


Star writers!


We have all really enjoyed writing stories about 'unruly' siblings! We published our stories and it was so difficult to choose who will be the new star writer... we ended up with THREE! Haiqa, Aahil and Takia! They published imaginative, creative stories that captured and entertained the reader.  

Week 3


To celebrate Diwali, the festival of lights, we re-enacted the Hindu story of Rama and Sita and also learnt about why Sikhs observe Diwali ahead of our trip to the Gurdwara on Thursday.

We ended our afternoon by decorating and making diwali lanterns.  

We also visited the Gurdwara to learn more about Sikhism! We took off our shoes and covered our hair with a head covering before entering the Gurdwara. It was so interesting to see how Sikh people pray and to see the Guru Granth Sahib in real life! 

Children in need!

 The children dressed up in colourful pudsey clothes and bought in £1 to raise money for children in need. 

Week 4

World Children's day! 

We celebrated world children's day on the 20th November! The children learnt about the conventions on the rights of the child, and we became more familiar with the rights and the logos that represent them. We talked about the importance of knowing our own rights and also respecting the rights of others in our communities and all children globally. 

We also had a children's take over day where children took over as teachers and TA's. It was so much fun that we want to do it again, Mrs Khalique said we did such an amazing job that she might consider retiring soon!

P Buzz


We continue to make excellent progress in learning to play the P Buzz, listen to us go!

Week 5

We are learning about Bell beakers in DT and have been exploring how to design and create using clay. Look at the traditional patterns we have used to create our own bell beakers. 

Week 6

This week we enjoyed our trip to the Broadway theatre to watch a pantomine. 

It is also enterprise week! We planned and decided to make snow globes perfect for the festive period. We reused and recycled our own glass jars and spent minimum costs for maximum profit! 

Week 7

For RE we learnt about the significance of light in Christianity and made our very own christingles!

Week 8

Listen to us perform at our Christmas concert!


Spring 1

Week 1 and 2

 This term in PSHE we are learning about physical health. This week we explored medicine packaging and discussed how to be safe around medicine and household items. 

Week 3

We have made so much progress in Music! Listen to us play Mamma Mia! Mr Way says that we play almost as well as a Year 4 class that he teaches in a  different school! 


 week 4

 For Humanities we are learning all about water! We enjoyed creating conservation posters about saving our oceans. 


week 5

Our PE unit is dodgeball. We are practicing how to aim to throw accurately and to focus on the ball to develop our catching skills. We are also focussing on being a team player; supporting everyone on the team and sharing opportunities to participate. 




week 6

Our Artist of the term is Picasso. In Art, we have explored colour, shape and form. This week we have combined all of our previous learning for the unit to create our own abstract self portraits. 


  NSPCC  Number day! 

On Friday we celebrated NSPCC Number day. We had a day of maths activities, fun and games! 


week 7

 Our RE unit this half term is Judaism. We marked the end of our unit with a special lesson about Shabbat. We enjoyed eating sweet bread (similar to Challah) and enjoyed some grape juice as well. 


Safer internet day!

We observed safer internet day this week with a special computing lesson dedicated to it. We made and presented out posters to the class.


 Spring 2

 Week 1

In PSHE this week we are learning all about good dental hygiene. We started the week by writing instructions on how to brush your teeth, and we worked with our peers to learn about important facts and tips about how and why we must look after our teeth- low sugar diet! We also sorted foods and drinks into those that are good and not good for your teeth. 


Week 2

Our indoor PE unit is dance. Expression, emotion and creativity makes excellent dancers! Our theme is witches and wizards- look at these children perform! 


World book day 

On Thursday 7th March we celebrated world book day. Everyone dressed up as their favourite book character and we had a day full of exciting activities. 

Mad scientist visit!

As science week approaches, we had a visit from a real scientist! He showed us lots of exciting experiments. 

Week 3

Our science unit this term is 'Plants'. We predicted what the best conditions for growing are. We planted cress seeds and placed them in different conditions; 

- with water and sunlight

-sunlight, no water

-water no sunlight 

-in a bag 

We will be observing, recording and analysing our findings in the coming weeks. 


Comic relief day!

Our theme for comic relief day this year is dress up funny for money! We dressed in either clothes or in red but most importantly we raised money to support this charity. 

Week 4

River boat trip  

We really enjoyed our trip on the uber clippers boat from Barking Riverside to Embankment station. This supported our H20 geography unit of large bodies of water. We were very impressed with our discovery of Barking Beach!

Science week

To embrace science week, we did a science lesson every day this week! We ended the week with science day when we came in dressed up as a scientist and enjoyed inviting our parents/guardians to join us for an afternoon of fun and to present some of what we had been learning. 

Week 5


Curriculum assembly 

Easter bonnet competition/assembly 




Letters, communication and calendar





Summer 1 Knowledge organisers