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Eastbury Community School

Year 6 - Cambridge

I'm Ms. Lukwesa, and I'm thrilled to be your teacher this year. Together, we'll embark on a journey of exploration and discovery, where learning is not just a task but an adventure. I'm looking forward to a year filled with laughter, growth, and fun as we dive into the world of knowledge together. Get ready for an amazing year ahead!

Autumn 1 

Week 1: Transition Week

Cambridge Pop Art

This week, Cambridge Class began creating self-portraits in the style of Pop Art. The children were inspired by Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein. They enjoyed experimenting with bold colours, onomatopoeia and geometric patterns/shapes. 

Week 2

Cambridge Class JournalistsThis week we were reporters and researchers. As we have been gearing up to becoming report writers, we had a go at becoming experts about Pakistan. We choose our areas of specialisms and shared our news report skills with the class. Our specialisms included Location, Industry, Employment, Animal life and Cities. 

Week 3



 We have taken ownership over different paragraphs in our Talk for Writing text. Watch us perform! 

Week 4



Geography: This week, the children used various resources: atlases, globe and the world map on the wall. They were collaborating together to research where different foods come from as well as questioning why they may find foods growing in certain parts of the world compared to others.

Week 5 



Music: This year we have transitioned from plastic trumpets to brass trumpets. This week, we had a chance to showcase our music abilities through solo performances. 

Black History Month

BHM Assembly

During our KS2 assembly, we celebrated the start of Black History Month by focusing on the popular Black British author- Malorie Blackman.  We have read Many of her books such as Pig Heart Boy, Operation Gadgetman and Ellie and the Cat.

Week 6

PE: In PE, we have been developing our passing and shooting skills. We played conditioned mini-tournaments.

PE Cambridge 1       Cambridge PE 1     

Black History Month

RE BHM Cambridge

This week in RE we explored the role of music in Christian worship. For Black History Month, we also wanted to highlight Christian music from other countries around the world. We discussed how the art of music and dance is used in Uganda to evoke feelings of gratitude and service to God. 

Week 7

This week we went to The Globe Theatre, where we learned more about the history and laws, surrounding theatre and performance, in England. We were lucky enough to listen to the performers rehearsing for their show! We then had an acting workshop where we played games and performances 


 Black History Month 




Autumn 2

Week 1 

WW2 Special Visitor

This week, in History we had a special visitor. Mr Rouse came in a told us all about his experience during WW2, as an evacuated child. 


Week 2 

This week in science, we explored electrical circuits! 




UK Parliament Week

This week, we created speeches about a local area issue that we would like to see change. Listen to one of our speeches below:




Week 3 

This week, we took part in a Spanish cooking workshop. We learnt how to safely cut our vegetables, season our delicious food and serve & garnish. Look at our delicious paella! 




Diwali Day

For Diwali Day we thought about the key themes: good over evil, knowledge over ignorance and light over dark. We created Diwali cards that focused on these themes. We used our knowledge of circuits (science) and pop-up cards (D&T) to create interactive cards. We then went to show and tell our work to the classes in Year 4. 




Week 4 

Children's Day!

Last week, we put in applications for various roles around the school. This week, we were able to become leaders! Some of us were headteachers, depty head teachers, teachers and office staff. We have learnt what it takes to become a good leader and exercised our new skills. 


 Week 5 


In PSHE, we have been learning about how to act responsibly to different health incidents and hazards. This week we learnt how to respond to a choking incident. 


No Pens Day!

As we have been exploring playscripts, for No Pens Day we decided to act out a playscript about WW2.



Week 6 

Enterprise Week 

This week we developed our entrepreneurial skills. We decided on a produce that we would like to sell at the Winter Fair, in the hopes of making profit. We conducted Market Research by asking our staff and peers, if they like the flavour, design (made by us) and texture of various biscuits. 

Week 7

This week, we spent time baking and decorating our biscuits, to sell at the Winter Fair. We sold them for 80p each and our customers loved them! 

Week 8 

Have a look at our final DT pop-up books. We explored different mechanisms and folding techniques to create our WW2 pop-up books. 

Spring 1

Week 1 & 2 

To kick off our outdoor basketball unit, in PE we worked on our dribbling skills. 


Week 3 

In Science, we conducted an investigation. We were interested in finding out how exercise and rest affect out heart rate. 


Week 4 

This week, we have been exploring printing patterns and backgrounds using vegetables to create shape and texture. 

NSPCC visit 

The children had the opportunity to discuss what to if they felt unsafe and who to speak to.

Week 5 

This week we participated in National Storytelling Week. Have a look at pages from our final published story. 


Number day

For number day we took our learning outside! We used conducted a practical investigation to prove our percentages/fractions were accurate. 

Week 6 

In computing, we have been designing, writing and debugging programs. We have worked with variables and various forms of input and output.  

Week 7 

This week we combined all of our art skills from this half term. We used the following skills: printing, stenciling, graffiti writing, and highlighting and shadowing. Look at our final art pieces! 

Spring 2 

Week 1 

In RE, we have been focusing on the Easter story/resurrection. We have discussed who we think was responsible for the death of Jesus.

Week 2

Science - We enjoyed taking part in a fun workshop run by Sublime Science.

Easter Homework

Wednesday 27th March 2024

Dear Parents,
Today, your child would have received a copy of the Easter homework and timetable. Please take time to watch the video below which details all you need to know about how to navigate the Easter homework timetable and lesson packs.

Kind regards,
Year 6 Team



easter revision timetable.pdf




year 6 curriculum overview.pdf


Letters and Communications


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