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Children in Need

To support Children in Need this year, the children came dressed up in whatever they wanted to wear. Some children came dressed up in their favourite superhero outfit or their favourite princess dress. Others came in wearing their best party outfit, Pudsey clothes and even in pyjamas. Thank you to all parents for supporting this cause and generously donating towards Children in Need. Nursery managed to raise a fantastic £82!


Minibeast Hunt

In Nursery this week we went into the forest school and had the opportunity to search for different minibeasts. We used our magnifying glasses and had boxes to collect the bugs in. The children took it in turns to collect the bugs and we looked under different logs and stones to find them. The children found lots of different bugs such as spiders, worms, caterpillars, and slugs. The children were able to describe the insects and were able to explain how they felt and how many legs they had. At the end of the activity the children drew their favourite mini beast and counted how many they collected. The children really enjoyed this activity and were fascinated by the different minibeasts that lived within our forest school. 

Teddy's Birthday!

This term in Nursery we have been reading 'Happy Birthday Maisy' and learning all about celebrations. It was Teddy's birthday on Friday and all the children were very busy getting ready for his party. The children made birthday cards for Teddy, invitations for his party, wrapped up presents, made party hats and paper chain decorations, baked shortbread biscuits and iced fairy cakes. Everyone enjoyed singing and dancing during the party, playing with the balloons and eating all the yummy food. Teddy loved his party and said it was the best birthday ever! 



First Week of Nursery

The Nursery children have settled in really well. They have made many new friends and have familiarised themselves around the classroom and playground. Here are some of the fun things they have been getting up to this week.

Forest School

Today in Nursery, we had our first Forest School session. We read the story ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’ and decided that we did not want to go through the mud like in the story. Instead, we thought it would be a good idea to make a bridge to go over the mud. The children used crates and a wooden plank to make their bridge and took turns to walk over it. To challenge themselves more they wanted to make the bridge taller so it is higher up from the mud when walking over it and so they can go under the bridge. The children really enjoyed themselves and showed how they can take risks while being in the Forest School. Their clothes got a little bit wet and dirty but it was all worth it from seeing them enjoy themselves.


This week in Early Years, we had a special visit from three owl friends. Tango, Whisper and Dotty. We got to learn a lot about them and see them fly. We was even lucky enough to hold and take pictures with Whisper.