Primary Curriculum

In providing children with an effective ‘Quality of Education’ we aspire to deliver a curriculum that is vibrant and creative and that puts children at its heart. Our aim is to excite children’s imaginations and inspire them to learn. We want to extend their horizons, deepen their understanding and meet their needs, so they can become successful lifelong learners. 

In the Primary Phase we believe it is crucial that our curriculum enforces the basics of reading, writing and calculation. That is why these subjects are taught daily and brought to life by being applied throughout the day in other topics.  

ECS follows the National Curriculum 2014 in all subjects across KS1 and KS2. In our nursery and reception classes, we follow the Early Years and Foundation Stage framework. In Maths we follow the Maths Mastery approach, this ensures that children cultivate a variety of maths skills which challenges children through daily opportunities in reasoning and deepens learning, allowing the development of maths expertise as they move through the school. In English we focus on providing quality fiction, poetry and Non-fiction from which to plan a sequence of work and inspire different genres of writing. 

Our curriculum topics are designed to ignite curiosity and spark an interest in the world around us and past events that have shaped us e.g. Year 3 Best of British. Through these engaging topics we ensure there is appropriate coverage of the National curriculum. This is so that we can teach a balance of specific knowledge with a progression of key skills that can be transferrable so that children can continue to find out about other areas that may interest them as they move through KS1, into KS2 and onto KS3. 

We strive to provide a curriculum that is exciting and engaging so that we can build confidence in the children and encourage them to be critical thinkers who are reflective and therefore better equipped to learn. 

Our curriculum exploits to the full the many benefits of being a school in London. As the cultural capital we have an abundance of opportunities to bring learning alive and inspire our future generations. Our year 3 children are currently involved in a dance project with the Royal opera house. At ECS primary we provide opportunities to take the curriculum out of the classroom to experience the many cultural opportunities and initiatives that are available, ensuring that our school is a place of excellence and achievement of learning in all of its forms.  

Our aim is to extend the children’s horizons, deepen their understanding and meet their needs, so they can become successful lifelong learners. 

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Curriculum Delivery

When allocating pupils to our classes we always seek to create learning communities that are balanced and show an even mix with regard to:

Gender, Home Language, Ethnicity, Family groups, Friendship Groups and Prior Attainment.

In the EYFS, KS 1 and in KS2 we deliver learning to whole classes, small groups and on a 1:1 basis as is most appropriate and most effective for our learners.

We set for some ‘guided’ work in English (daily Guided Reading and regular Guided Writing groups) and also for daily Phonics sessions.  Our daily Maths lessons using the ‘Maths Mastery’ approach are a mix of short whole class sessions, mixed ability pair work and individual assignment work.