Uniform and PE Kit

At Eastbury we want all students to take pride in their appearance and be proud of the Eastbury uniform.
We expect pupils to be in school uniform at all times, unless we are dressing up for a special event.

  • ECS Sweatshirt
  • Black trousers or skirt
  • White polo shirt
  • Velcro black shoes/plain trainers
  • White socks
  • Wellington boots
  • Summer Options:
  • Gingham Dress (Red and white)
  • Red Cardigan
  • White Polo/Black
  • Black shorts

PE Kit

  • PE Kit, (white polo shirts and black shorts) can be bought from any retailer.
  • Black plimsolls with Velcro or elastic

We expect students to be in full school uniform at all times.

All uniform items are available from: