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Eastbury Community School

School Uniform

Primary Uniform & PE Kit

At Eastbury we want all students to take pride in their appearance and be proud of the Eastbury uniform.
We expect pupils to be in school uniform at all times, unless we are dressing up for a special event.

  • ECS Sweatshirt
  • Black trousers or skirt
  • White polo shirt
  • Velcro black shoes/plain trainers
  • White socks
  • Wellington boots
  • Summer Options:
  • Gingham Dress (Red and white)
  • Red Cardigan
  • White Polo/Black
  • Black shorts

PE Kit

  • Plain white t–shirt. 
  • Black shorts, leggings or joggind bottoms. 
  • Plain black zip up jumper for outdoor PE. 
  • Plain black plimsolls or plain black trainers. 


We expect students to be in full school uniform at all times.

All uniform items are available from:

Secondary Uniform & PE Kit

Secondary School Uniform

We expect students to be in full school uniform at all times.

All uniform items are available from:

 We are committed to supporting our families with ensuring that our uniforms are as affordable as possible, so apart from the school tie and the iron on blazer badge, no other part of school uniform needs to be branded, and can be purchased from high street shops and supermarkets.

School tie for all pupils

Iron on Badge Application Instructions


Black, traditionally tailored. (No jeans, cords or ‘jean-type’ material. No jean pockets, no leggings)


Black, appropriate length, flared or pleated.


White, plain (tucked in) with no motifs of any kind, that buttons to the top. 


Traditional black blazer with the school badge. An iron on badge can be purchased from the school and added to a plain black blazer  (No substitute jacket to be worn.)


Black ‘V’ neck jumper with or without school logo.

School Tie:

Must be clearly visible at all times


Black, sensible & traditional style leather looking footwear.  (No boots / trainers / canvas type shoes such as Vans.)


Plain white or black.


Plain tights, black or natural. No footless leggings with socks over the top.


Plain black or white headscarf or headbands (no bandanas or equivalent).

Headscarves should be worn so that students shirts and ties are clearly visible


Outside coats and jackets must be removed when entering the school building.  (No hoodies permitted)


Summer Term Uniform

As above, or students may replace shirts with polo shirts, and maintaining the following standards:

  • White polo shirts with or without the Eastbury logo can be worn, tucked into trousers or skirts
  • School tie need not be worn with the polo shirt
  • Blazers must still be worn
  • Students not wishing to wear the summer uniform should remain in normal school uniform, i.e. blazer, shirt and tie.

P.E. Kit

  • White polo shirt- which must be changed from the one that is worn for school – this is for hygiene reasons.
  • Navy blue PE shorts or plain navy-blue tracksuit or jogging bottoms (no sports logos or stripes please)
  • Plain, white socks or Eastbury PE socks.
  • Trainers with non-marking soles. (Plimsolls, Vans, Converse, etc. are not appropriate footwear).
  • ** Prices do vary with regards to sizing so please contact Premier Schoolwear.
  • A plain, navy blue sweatshirt (no hooded tops) may be worn over the white collared t-shirt when outside.
  • Students may also wear a sports base layer underneath their white polo when outside.
  • Students can buy basic PE kit (white polo shirt and shorts) with the Eastbury logo from Premier Schoolwear, but this is optional.
  • All boys must have football boots and it is strongly recommended that they have shin pads for football and a mouth guard for rugby.
  • It would be beneficial if girls have football boots for their outside games activities.

All Students:

For health and safety reasons jewellery should not to be worn, unless religious/medical item (to be worn under clothing.) Parents/carers to provide a signed letter. Any piercings should be undertaken during the six week holiday period to allow for items to be removed during term time.

Face Masks

Some students are on occasion asking to wear face masks in school. Below are some specific situations where wearing a facemask could be important:

For Individuals at Higher Risk: Students who are at higher risk of severe illness due to underlying health conditions may choose to wear masks as an extra precaution.

During Respiratory Symptom Presentation: If an individual is experiencing respiratory symptoms, wearing a mask can help protect others from potential exposure. In such cases, it's a responsible measure to prevent the spread of illness.

If in these or other circumstances students wish to wear a mask they should provide their Head of Year with a notefrom their Parent/Carer and will be allowed to wear a disposable facemask Type IIR (blue) – These can be collected from the YCC hub if students are unable to provide their own.