Art Department Information

The Art and Design Department at Eastbury School is a dedicated and successful Department. The department teaches Art across all key stages with Photography taught at GCSE and A Level. Art is taught one hour a week at key stage 3, with a gifted and talented register in place to identify and stretch our skilled younger students. GCSE is taught three hours a week, KS5 are taught five hours a week. 

We are fortunate to have a wide range of experience and skill within Eastbury Art 
Department and we have seen an increase in the number of students opting to take Art and Photography as a GCSE subject this year. Our GCSE Art and Photography 
A* - C results are in line and above National Average and are taught a wide range of practical and analytical skills. 

We are very proud of our cross-curricular activities and external links; recent successes are second place prize in the Fourth Plinth Competition and first place in The Big Draw 2015. We have also entered our students to The Saatchi Gallery, ‘Books about Town’ Book Bench and the Inspire Borough event. We have planned, organized and run a WW1 ceramic poppy permanent memorial for the school. 

Major cross curricular events this year have been within pastoral care and SANE regarding mental health awareness, the whole of KS3 have taken part in lessons and designing, with prizes awarded to winners and the resources made within the department being rolled out across the country. 

The Art department runs many exciting trips to engage our students outside of the classroom, trips with MFL to Paris and Lille along with London based exclusions to The Saatchi GA leery, Tate Galleries, Tithe V&A and The National Portrait Gallery. This work is for GT KS3 and our talented GGCSE students. 

Key Stage 3 teaching is planned collaboratively and taught by all staff. Students are taught one main skill a term with the initial focus on drawing and artists understanding; the skills are painting, printing and 3D and are taught within a theme. 

The students in our Fine Art and Photography 6th form are part of a consortium and students are encouraged to be personal and original when forming and creating their ideas. We hold regular art critics where students present their work to the class and other staff to develop the presentational skills needed to continue into higher education within the creative areas. Most of the students who study A Level at Eastbury continue on to study at Art schools such as Ravensbourne, Camberwell, St Martin’s and Chelsea, Bournemouth among others.

Each art classroom benefits from having the use of a computer, screen, projector, visualiser and DVD player, with the photography rooms having their own Mac suites. The ICT equipment is used daily by the department, enriching the presentation of the lessons, as well as motivating and adding interest for the students.

We have excellent facilities in our classrooms and department; the two photography classrooms have a suite of Mac computers for specialist work in photo editing, animation and film work; embedding Photoshop and Final Cut Pro. The department has a full working darkroom, green screen and studio for the students to use and pre-book for exam and coursework. We have two kilns, printing presses and silk screen equipment for specialist ceramic and print work.