Careers & Pathways

Welcome to the careers page of the Eastbury school website. The aim of this website is to help students make good choices when planning the next step of their career. This includes a focus on the transition stages:

Year 11 Future Options

Qualification Types

Actions for Year 11


Next Step Booklet - The next Step Guide for Y11

Year 9 into 10 guided pathways/Year 9 into 10 Options (or guided pathways).

Year 11 into sixth form/Further Education Colleges/or apprenticeships (work with training). 

Careers Newsletter

Sixth form onto university/higher apprenticeships or the world of work.

In addition, you can find support with things like work experience, writing your CV, developing employability skills or your interview techniques.

Visit the National Careers website on to find out more about the careers that interest you or to explore your options. You can also try and put in the school licence code – this will enable you to create your own personal login. You can watch videos of people in different jobs and do further careers research on

You can check our school careers policy, what careers education each year group is entitled to (entitlement statements) or how each subject links to careers. You can also check our progress as we go for the 'Investor in Careers' award.

Get It Go Far Apprenticeship


Finishing school is one of the biggest moments of a young persons life, so it’s important to understand all the options available.

University isn’t the right choice for everyone, even students with A or B grades. Did you know apprenticeships are now available in more than 1,500 job roles from nuclear to fashion, and from banking to defence?  There are over 45 higher apprenticeships in England where young people can study up to degree level.

Get In Go Far is the government’s new apprenticeship advertising campaign (for England only) and launches on 16 May, featuring real life apprentices. Look out for ads on TV, radio, outdoor posters and digital channels.

It is designed to inform and inspire young people to consider apprenticeships, traineeships and work experience as valid and credible routes to a rewarding career.  It also aims to increase interest and demand from employers in running apprenticeship programmes.

The government is committed to creating three million apprenticeship starts and working with businesses to create two million new jobs. The campaign will help with this ambition to ensure young people get the skills they need and those that employers are looking for.

The website will enable young people, employers, parents and teachers to find out more about apprenticeships, traineeships and work experience. Young people can also access thousands of opportunities across a range of sectors and employers - so they can get in and go far in their career.