Further Education Colleges

You may decide to apply to go to a Further education college at the end of Year 11 – particularly if you are interested in pursuing a ‘vocational’ education in areas such as Hair, Painting and decorating, Childcare or Plumbing etc.

You should apply early as some courses can fill up quite quickly. You may apply for as many courses or colleges as you wish BUT…be realistic about your expected GCSE grades as this will influence the levelof the course you should be applying for.

FE colleges regularly run open events and it is essential to visit the College to make sure you like the ‘feel’ of the place and know exactly what you will be studying. But you should also check their data – are they good at enabling students to succeed at their courses or do they have a high number that are unhappy and drop out?

Below we have the contact details of Further Education colleges that we work quite closely with and our students have used in the past to study a range of general vocational qualifications. Perhaps your research could start here.

To study a range of animal care or gardening related qualifications please try: