There's still lots of confusion in regards to sexting and reporting of incidents.  The National Police Chiefs Council (formerly ACPO) are very clear - children are children first. As a result of some high-profile cases last year, SWGfL have produced a great infographic for schools. The infographic is HERE.

DfE Consultation - Keeping Children Safe in Education:
You may be aware that DfE released a consultation document on 22nd Dec, Keeping Children Safe in Education. If you haven't seen it, have a look HERE. For the first time, 'online safety' is specifically mentioned in new paragraphs but there is a little bit of clarification needed in regards to once particular sentence that states all schools should 'filter and monitor'.  It's the word 'monitor' that is causing confusion as to whether DfE are referring to specific monitoring software (i.e. a technical monitor solution) or standard behaviour monitoring that schools have always done. 

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