Parent Support Learning

Supporting and caring for Students is a key Priority. Every Student can succeed with the right support and encouragement from home and school.

We work closely and develop a partnership with parents to support their child at Eastbury. Parents receive a detailed report of their child's progress once a year. 

This contains an assessment of current attainment and suggestions for improvement. Throughout the year, progress reports and regular contact keeps parents informed if we have cause for celebration or concern. We encourage all parents to attend our regular Parents' Evenings and Open Days, where there is a valuable opportunity to discuss in greater detail the progress of their child and agree strategies to help reach the highest possible standards.

Our fortnightly newsletters and primary newsletters ensure that parents are kept up-to-date with school events and how to support their child academically. In addition, we have a full time Parent Support Advisor who is able to make home visits and meet families when needed.

Learning Support Specialists and assistants identify students who need support and work closely with them across the curriculum to provide extra help with their learning.

A range of additional 'Booster' classes enables learners to succeed in the care subjects of English and Mathematics. We also provide additional lessons and reading schemes to boost students' literacy levels.

Our highly regarded Hearing Impaired Centre has well equipped rooms that cater for the needs of learners with hearing loss. A team of specialist teachers and communicators provide support in small groups and in the classroom.

Highly experienced Learning Mentors and Youth Workers support the emotional needs of our students and help develop a positive attitude to learning. They work Closely with students who are experiencing anxieties about school, have problems in their lives outside of school or who need help with forming friendship groups.

For those students who do not have English as their first Language, our Bilingual Assistants provide support in accessing the curriculum and specialist teachers provide additional English Classes.

As well as developing proficiency in English, we encourage students to be literate in their first language and study a GCSE in their home language.